Winter Workshop - Part I

Vices and Devices

“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe”.


Perhaps astronomer Carl Sagan’s quote best summaries the primitive curiosity of our Takeo studio. Continuing from the previous two years of building, our site will be the experimental campus of Thnout Village in Takeo. We will try to understand the school community and challenge the notion of functionality. The 2-week workshop will involve intense hands-on making, learning from local craftsmen and architectural discussion. We will utilise the limited resources available to us in the local town and re-invent our contemporary understanding of architecture as machine.

Dates: 17 – 31 December 2020


Winter Workshop - Part II

Secrets lives of Post-colonial Phnom Penh

Stripped of their former significance, these ghostly sacred spaces in Phnom Penh have been re-animated into informal settlements and homes for communities. This year, our focus is to document and address these historical voids. Through collaborating with local organisations, we will draw, capture and document the extraordinary lives of inhabitants that have been living with social tensions and cultural contradictions. As oppose to top-down orthodox urban planning, we wish to uncover indigenous forms of architecture that celebrate human ingenuity.

Dates: 2 – 8  January 2021


In Search of Praxis 2.0

But does it float?

Six months in a year, the southwest monsoon drenches Cambodia with torrential downpour.  Central to the ideological and physical manifestation of Khmer culture is the ability to evade, absorb, and rise above murky waters. 

This year we will investigate water as a primary source of sustenance and influence for both Angkorian craftsmen and Khmer modernist architects. We will continue our search for Praxis - the manner in which architects are engaged with the world. From tracing the anthropocene along Mekong River to gliding in palm tree canoes documenting vernacular stilt houses, we will journey through water. Working with three scales, the body, the house and the city, we will use the two-week workshop to build a structure that sail through Takeo.

Departing from land, architecture confronts gravity with buoyancy.  We will repurpose local materials and challenges local construction methods; play a vital role in hosting the summer festivities. But, does it float?

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