Kuy Teav - The time-space oscillation

Every morning between 07:00 till 09:00, the working men and women of Cambodians gather and congregate in various noodle houses to have their morning routine - Kuy Teav - a rice noodle soup with minced meat and various other toppings and seasonings. 

Ever since industrialisation, our habits of life and work has tremendously changed. It requires a workforce in certain hours of the day to be actively dedicated to work. If the shift from an agricultural society to a modern society took the domestic ritual of breakfast out of home, then Kuy Teav would be one of the most emblematic dish of this social phenomonon.

What are the technologies that gave rise of modernity? Using architect’s simplest and most fundamental operation - line drawing, we surveyed and measureed the making of the dish Kuy Teav, the roots its ingredient, process of making to understand this shift in Khmer culture; material diversity of the physical environment – from the blade of grass to the horizon – is reduced to thin black strokes.

Socheat studied the 74 distinctive motions that was involved the making of the dish, understanding the space that was created from the chef's movements.

Having experimented with cyanotype print-making, Neil was interested in the drawing of time and the installation of a sundial into the school. His sunpath studies examines three momentary alignments of the dial pointing to found artefacts on site.

Monivann ponders over the potential of collapsing drawings of cooking containers  - simultaneously dissembling a cow into meat balls and scooping the seasoning into the broth. The deliberate misreading of her drawing has led an unexpected addition to the school's playground.

The see-saw was made with two sets of triangular bent metal pipe, hardwood timber weight, and a bent-timber seating on both ends. We did now know how many children it can hold on each side at one time and we started with 3 vs. 3, and ended with whoever can fit!

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